about us

digital content production
this is just what we do

we love to make people think. the ability to think is the greatest part of the human experience. our work culture is based around experimentation, creativity, professionalism & client satisfaction. we are a tightly knit group of artists, directors, writers, inventors, designers, technologists, and  visionaries along with a plethora of other specialists, all who bring intuitive thinking to everything we do.

how it all began
meet-cute magic

it all began at a client shoot, the perfect group of people collaborating met each other’s wavelength at every level and then there was magic. we decided to go at it together and so began culture karkhana. we directly work with the brand/client from the ground up and also partner up with creative agencies. We plan, strategise, conceptualise and help develop ingenious content. we create across multiple disciplines, art forms, creative spaces and avenues.

how we work
the nitty gritties

a multi faceted and tight group of creative and strategic thinkers that can solve problems from all directions. we combine all our individual expertise together to create content that tells stories.

we work to make sure that productivity is the core of every day for us. we like to work in a scenario where focus is given to the content and the final product. we love problems, specially since we don’t see them as problems, we see them as opportunities to create truly spectacular work.


our photographers have years of experience and that special eye which gives all our work that gleaming magic. they are technically gifted to identify and solve every imaging problem that comes their way.


we bring special filmmaking techniques used by some of the best creatives around the world and re-invent them. we create content that is visually brilliant, technically sound and is made to wow the audience.

graphic design

our team of visual designers are some of the most enthusiastic and brilliant creators. they bring a whole new perspective to design thinking and the way it affects the markets that exist today.

If you have some interesting ideas about a collaboration, we are glad to work with you!